Tuesday, November 8, 2011

How you can attend the letter?

 Here are six points  that you must keep in mind when you start writing any kind of letter.

1. The Heading
2. Salutation.
3. Body of the letter.
4. Conclusion.
5. The Signature.
6. The superscription on the envelop.

The Heading 

It informs you about reader address and when you wrote the letter.


This part depends upon the relation in which you stand to the person to whom you are writing.
·         For family member , it will be
Dear Father, Dear Mother, my dear Uncle, My dear Sister, etc
·         For friends , it will be
Dear Amna, Dear Usama, Dear Sara, etc.
·         For business people
Dear Sir, Dear Ma’am, etc

Body of the Letter

It is very important part of the letter. Expression of the reader depends on this part. He will get of your point or purpose from this part of the letter. Body of the letter itself the style in which it is written. It depend the kind of letter you wish to write.
 Here are some suggestions to improve your body of letter.
1.      Do division of your letter into short paragraph.
2.      Be sure about your target or goal.
3.      Don’t use so much literary writing words. Your letter must be very simple and clean in writing that the reader can understand your purpose of writing a letter.
4.      Your letter outlook must be complete.Beginning, middle and ending must be in a logical order and it must be impressive.
5.      Don’t create a bad impact of writing. Don’t use ink remover or rubber because it gives very bad impression on the reader.
6.      Don’t do grammatical mistakes especially about your punctuation.

The Subscription

Please don’t end your letter abruptly like you are writing your name…It gives very bad impact on the writer. Always write your subscription in a very polite and courteous manner like
Yours Sincerely, Your Truthfully, Yours Obediently, etc.
You can write your subscription at one side of your page. It can be left side or it can be right .Both is traditionally in nowadays.

The Signature  

 It is the name of the writer.
Yours Sincerely,
Sabahat Batool

The Superscription on the envelop.

Your reader address must be very clear and neat in writing like this.


And one thing that is too much important that never ever forget to paste the ticket of post office on your envelop.               

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